A major advantage of joining a club like WHGC is the opportunity to gain or maintain a handicap, and play competitive golf with the opportunity to win a host of prizes, at a cost-effective price compared with many private clubs. For the fees at private clubs to provide value for money it can mean having to play a minimum of two or three times a week throughout the whole year to warrant the expense.

WHGC is different: once the relevant fee below is paid you only then pay for each round you play on the day. This permits greater flexibility when other commitments – such as holidays – can mean you miss out on several weeks of play or, as experienced this winter, weather conditions are such that you do not always wish to play.

A reduced fee is applicable if joining part way through the year. So, whatever the time of year you become a member of WHGC you are guaranteed value for money.

2017 Membership Fees for Ladies

Ladies Handicap Held at Walton or Another Golf Club Subscription Competition Fees Total
Under 65 Walton Hall GC £50.00 £35 £85.00
Senior – 65+ Walton Hall GC £30.00 £35 £65.00
Under 65 Another Cheshire Club £34.25 £35 £69.25
Senior – 65+ Another Cheshire Club £14.25 £35 £49.25
Under 65 Another Non Cheshire Club £39.25 £35 £74.25
Senior – 65+ Another Non Cheshire Club £19.25 £35 £54.25

2017 Green Fees
For details of green fee, see http://www.waltonhallgolfcourse.co.uk/fees/

Club Handicap
Since 2016 CONGU, the country’s handicapping system, has offered Clubs the facility to introduce a CLUB Handicap, should they wish to do so. This offers ladies who are finding it difficult to obtain a CONGU handicap of 36 or less, the opportunity to obtain a handicap between 37 & 54. Details are entered into the computer in the same way as for the CONGU system and will show resulting increases and decreases, following competitions specific to that group.

Walton Hall Golf Club Ladies Section adopted this system in 2016. Ladies currently without handicaps will submit 3 or more cards. The computer will allocate a handicap of between 37 and 54, as long as this is appropriate (some ladies may not immediately obtain a handicap of 54 or less).

On our competition day (Saturdays), ladies with Club handicaps will compete in their own competitions, the results of which will impact on their Club handicaps in the same way as the results of the ladies with handicaps of 36 or less, impact on theirs. On four occasions during the year, all lady members will compete together on equal terms in the same competitions. These will be non-board Stableford competitions.

When the Club handicap reaches 41 (36 + 5 Buffer Zone), the Committee will review that member’s playing history to determine if a CONGU handicap of 36 should be awarded. The Committee will be looking at consistency when making this decision.

It should be noted that CLUB handicaps are valid only at the player’s home club and do not transfer to other clubs or Open competitions.

Marie Sims
Handicap Secretary